Why I Do This

Because the Appraisal profession is in trouble.

I have heard these words from many people. From inside the AI, and from those outside. From members of the ASA, and other national organizations and from the many growing local organizations (mostly residentially oriented).

Yet there is a need, a real need — for appraiser competence — for what appraisers know, believe, and can do. I have heard from many appraiser walks: politically, organizationally, personally questioning, and even showing loud disgust at what we have to do to make a living.

My hope for this blog, this forum, this place for community — is to provide you — and us — a place to connect, to exchange ideas, theories, thoughts and better ways.

Why the Appraisal Profession Should Care
From George’s Blog, “The Mission of the Analogue Blog and Why You, as an Appraiser, Should Care.”

The Appraisal profession has been good to me.

In 1983, I found a home where I could contribute, feel good about myself, and be financially successful. Now, being “semi-retired,” I don’t need to work anymore to lead a fairly fun life. We have season tickets for my alma mater football and basketball teams, and do scholarship fund-raising. I participate in a recovery program, where I am able to help others by sharing what I have gained from striving to lead a life of honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. I work at integrity between the four aspects: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. If any one of these is out of balance, I experience dissonance, and tend to screw up. I don’t like screwing up.

The spirit of all this is: I need to give back. I need to give forward. This blog, this small community, is my attempt to do this, and encourage/enable others to do the same — if they have similar beliefs on life. My contribution is small, but important to me.

I do this because it makes me happy.

Let us know what you think.