What is the Mission of the Analogue Blog and Why You, as an Appraiser, Should Care.

A blog shares “thoughts, opinions, and experiences.”  The intent of this blog is to provide a starting point for thoughts, opinions, and experiences – perhaps a starting point for a community of activists.  There are a growing number of dedicated appraisers who see a widening chasm between what the profession provides (or gets by with), and what is achievable – given today’s technology, when combined with enlightened human capability.

It is my hope that in simply bringing attention to opportunities, new methods, and fundamental discoveries of the scientific method – we may be able to breathe new life into what may be a dying profession. (That’s why you should care.)

What is the intent?

We want to provide an entry point for other benefits.  Chapter meetings and educational seminars are being replaced by social networks, distance learning, and cloud solutions.  Yet we, as beings of the spirit as well as of the number – need connection and opportunity for mutual help.  This is a hallmark of a true profession – the ability to work together.  We see integrity, competence, and the public good as means to personal advantage and joy, not a restriction on what we do.

We can accomplish in a few minutes what used to take hours.  What took place in the past was exchange of information (comps), help with certain problems and property issues, and opportunity to personally connect with others.  Today, our ability to interact comfortably with technology is the key to efficiency, competency, and greater service.  Opportunities abound.

The Analogue Blog is a visual gate and threshold for the larger technology and community.  A forum:  a place for education, apps, tools, and sharing of ideas and solutions of valuation and risk evaluation problems.  We will develop synergism by inviting users of valuation services, related industry groups, and government regulators, as well as appraisal professionals to join in the discussion.  This threshold is to serve as an inviting doorway and reception area for the growth of new ideas, methods, and personal benefit – for providers and users of asset analytics services.

Specifically we intend to promote:
  • Immediately practical, data-science based solutions;
  • Exploring the new “Valuation Data Science” paradigm;
  • A community of professionals, who provide:
    • Evidence-based valuation services;
    • Objective, science-based appraisals;
    • Related non-appraisal solutions;

With your input and ideas, we will create a new community to replace the marvelous culture that once existed in the appraisal profession.