Why this is Called the ‘Analogue Blog’ and Why You Should Join in.

Well, for one thing it rhymes and helps create curiosity.
And the words mean something.

“Blog” is part of the purpose of this web presence and community.  “Analogue” describes well the core spirit of the community we are connecting.

A blog is “thoughts, opinions, and experiences” shared with others.  Simple, effective, and in line with the next thought – the use of today’s technology.

An analogue is something which parallels or models something else.  One dictionary says:  A “structure that is similar in function to another, but is of dissimilar evolutionary origin.  *Perfect.*  It describes nicely what binds together those who participate in this community and movement.  “We are a group of appraisers who believe it is time to get into this century.”

Things have changed.  The technology.  The data.  The need to adapt new thinking to better solutions.  It is our hope to provide a platform for those who believe that change happens, and we need to be players and leaders in that change.  One element of a profession is that it offers leadership to its clients and to the public.  This is difficult.  The world we know is entrenched in old thinking, old technology, old procedures, and a bureaucracy entrenched around the way things used to be.

What do we get if WE don’t change? 

We get to participate in a repeat of yet another economic meltdown.  The difference  — the next cycle — it could mean the end of the appraisal profession.

The ‘analogue’ part of the analogue blog is the hope, the promise.  It is the possibility that there is a better way.  The possibility that we can have a small part in bringing about awareness of what is possible.  The possibilities are numerous.  They include data science, human behavior, personal motive, and a desire to do well and be well – in spite of the contradictions we find in the world of valuation and the industries and disciplines it serves.

We invite you to read, to participate in our coming forum and network. 

What’s in it for You?

To learn of faster and better methods of asset evaluation.  To enjoy the possibility that we can actually feel good about what we do for a living. And sleep well.

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